10 Powerful Lessons From The Book “101 Essays that will Change the way You Think”

101 Essays that will Change the way

1. More Is Not Better

Happiness is not about experiencing more of something. It’s about experiencing what you love in new and interesting ways.


2. Embrace Fear

You assume happiness is good, and fear is bad. Fear is an indicator that you’re doing something worthwhile. Change your story around fear. Bad feelings are not always bad.


3. Seek New Experiences

It’s difficult to change your beliefs through thought alone. Seek new and novel experiences that make new beliefs real to you.


4. Problems Are Pathways

You view problems as roadblocks to your success. Truth is, they’re pathways.
“What stands in the way becomes the way.”
– Marcus Aurelius


101 Essays that will Change the way
101 Essays that will Change the way

5. Your Past Does Not Define You

We believe the past is set in stone, but in reality, your perception of the past changes as you do. Change your future, change your past.


6. Tame Your Mind

An untamed mind is a minefield. Impulsive sub-conscious thinking is disastrous in the long term. Learn to let your conscious mind make decisions.


7. Avoid Fear with Routines

Habits and routine turn off your “fight or flight system” by making the unknown known. This is why people with strong, healthy habits experience so much joy.


8. Emotional Intelligence

You can’t control your emotions, but you can control your reaction to them. Gain control of your life by being aware of your emotions.


9. Choose Your Thoughts

Recognize that social conditioning forms your thoughts. Reflect on your beliefs to figure out if they’re your own.
Let go of any thoughts that no longer serve you.


10. Validate Feelings, Not Idea’s

Build stronger relationships by validating their feelings. Everyone’s feelings deserve to be felt, seen, and respected.
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