Farjana Akter


Farjana Akter is a web developer by her profession. Her childhood dream was to become a doctor. Her childhood dream has not been fulfilled and she is not enjoying her current profession. Her passion is to bring unsaid words and unpublished stories of people in front of everyone in her own language. Now she is trying to do something for people especially women who are forced to sacrifice their dreams due to social and family constraints.

To turn her passion into a profession, she started her journey with Women’s Corner. Still fighting for that goal. To empower women she is working with Srishti – সৃষ্টি.

She started her writing in the opinion section on various social issues. Currently writing social short stories, thriller short stories, horror short stories, lifestyle articles, parenting, self-development, psychology, and child-teen stories. Her first unique storybook for children was published at the Ekushey Book Fair in 2023. The name of the book is “Story Friend”.

Many of her short stories have been published on the e-book platform Boitoi. Audiobooks are quite popular among people who don’t have much time to read stories, but love to listen to stories. There is a YouTube channel named Sarangsho. There are audiobooks of her own voice.

Email to contact her: farjana66akter@gmail.com