Dementia: What are the early signs of dementia?


What is dementia?

There are many types of brain diseases. Dementia is a symptom of it. A common feature of dementia is forgetfulness. When a person has dementia, they tend to forget more about the recent than the past.

Dementia is primarily a disease of the elderly. It is a forgotten disease. Such as a person with this disease where he/she keeps his/her necessary things, to whom what to say or not, he/she forgets whether he/she has taken medicine or not. Sometimes they can’t even speak properly. Can’t understand what to say after what.

Why does dementia occur?

The root cause of dementia is still unknown. Scientists have found high levels of protein in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Excess protein interferes with the normal functioning of our brain cells. In this case, some may even die. The prevalence of this disease increases with age. Scientists are trying to find the real cause of dementia. Initially, it appears to be mainly due to genetics. The disease is rare and depends on genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors.


This disease has three stages. For example:

1. Mild:

In this stage, a person lives a normal life but some of his/her memories are erased. For example, he/she may forget a familiar place or the name or words of a familiar person. One may forget a recent event or forget where one has kept or keeps essential items.


2. Medium:

In this stage, a person may forget his identity. He is always in doubt and withdraws himself from social relations. Sometimes loss of control of excreta.

3. Acute:

In this stage, a person cannot understand what is happening around him. He/she has to depend on others for all his daily living needs.

James Gallagher, the BBC’s health and science correspondent, says the cost of treating life-threatening diseases such as dementia – can be seen as such. Dr. Sehli Jahan said, apart from hereditary factors, dementia can also occur if you suffer from repeated strokes, brain infections, or hormonal imbalances like thyroid and lack of vitamins.



This problem is more common in developed countries. This disease has not yet spread widely in Bangladesh. But there is no reason to be happy. We need to be aware of this disease now. Scientists have not yet discovered a complete cure for this disease. However, the symptoms of memory loss or dementia can be controlled with medication. Scientists are trying to quickly find a cure for this disease.

Stay well everyone, and stay healthy. Take care of yourselves.

This article was written by Farjana Akter.

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