Homemade Mother’s Day Cards Ideas


If you don’t want to run to the store to find the perfect Mother’s Day card, you can DIY a homemade card, using the below creations as your inspiration. So if you’re wondering how to make a Mother’s Day card, we have 30 ideas right here. Show mom you care with a handmade touch, while killing some time at home during quarantine, by creating your own DIY Mother’s Day card with these great ideas from Instagram.

30 DIY Mother’s Day Card Ideas:


1. Funny Sayings:

Write a funny saying, an inside joke or words of encouragement to bring a smile to Mom’s face.

2. Cherry Blossom Vase:

Draw a vase and branches on a piece of folded construction paper. Then, rip up red and pink paper to create cherry blossoms. Use glue to tack them on the branches for a 3D effect!

3. Better than Rainbows:

Using washi tape, create a decorative rainbow on a piece of folded white cardstock. Then, either create clouds out of white felt or cotton balls.

4. Magazine Cover:

If Mom is an avid reader of magazines, consider putting her on a cover! Simply draw or design a magazine cover using a piece of paper or photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop.


5. Funny Comic:

Create a funny message on your mother’s day card using comics! Mom is sure to get a kick out of it.

6. Magical Mommy:

Print out or draw a picture of a unicorn and glue it to a piece of decorative scrapbook paper. Then, using stamps create a magical message to remind Mom how much you love her!

7. Non-Evil Stepmother:

Stepmothers deserve a little love too on this holiday! Write a cute message and draw the silhouettes of your favorite Disney stepmoms.

8. Spring Floral Paper Cut Out:

Trace “Happy Mother’s Day” on a floral piece of scrapbook paper. Then, using an Xato knife or a pair of crafting scissors, cut out the letters. Then, glue a piece of brightly colored cardstock behind the floral paper to make the letters pop.

9. Greenery Card:

If Mom’s favorite pastime is collecting plants and other greenery, consider creating her a lovely watercolor card! Simply fold a thick piece of cardstock in half, then use green watercolors, paint on branches and succulents.

10. Mom, You Are…

Draw a woman holding heart-shaped balloons on a folded sheet of paper. Then, have your child fill in one-word descriptions that best fit Mom!

11. Spring Photo Frame Card:

Fold a piece of thick card stock in half, then cut out an opening to fit a photograph. Then, decorate around the opening and then hot glue the photo on the corners.

12. You Are Made of Stardust:

Show Mom what she’s made of with this shooting star card! Design a card with programs like Microsoft Paint or simply draw shooting stars with pens and paper.

13. Mama Shark:

If you’re one of the lucky owners of a Cricut machine, consider making Mom a card based on one of your toddler’s favorite songs! Check out Mama Sharks cutting templates online.

14. Mom’s Restaurant:

If mom’s kitchen churns out more five-star cuisine than a Michelin-star restaurant, how about incorporating that on her mother’s day card? Simply, hot glue cardboard cutouts of miniature kitchen tools onto an apron made out of cardstock.


15. Favorite Hu-MOM:

Have a furry family member who wants to extend their love? Dip your animal’s paw in paint (make sure to check if it’s pet safe!) and make an imprint on a folded piece of construction paper. Mom is sure to love it!

16. Handprint Flowers:

Have your child dip their hands in different color paint and print hand prints on a white piece of paper. Then, after the paint dries, cut out the hand print and glue it onto green pipe cleaners to create flowers.

17. Heart Balloons:

Cut out or paint 16 heart-shaped balloons (one for each letter) then write out “Happy Mother’s Day!” and paste each balloon onto a folded sheet of paper.

18. I Lava You, Mom!

For this punny card, simply draw two volcanoes next to each other with smiles on their faces on a piece of paper. Optional, cut out the drawing and mount it on a piece of construction paper for a pop of color!

19. Love In the Time of Corona:

If mom has a wicked sense of humor, create a Coronavirus inspired card! Simply draw the virus on flower stems for a card mom will never forget.

20. Handprint Cards:

Have your child trace their hand on two pieces of paper. Then cut around the outline and staple the two hands together so they open up like a book. Finally, write a sweet message on the inside and have your child decorate the front!

21. Chalk Paint Card:

Take a black piece of construction paper and fold it in a half. Next, take a chalk marker and have you or your child write a sweet message to mom!

22. Clothes Tag Stamp Card:

Sometimes, something small can take up a giant place in mom’s heart. Create a personalized tag card for her using stamps, lace, and twine.

23. Heart Shaped Cards:

To create a heart-shaped card, simply fold a piece of paper in half to make a card blank. Turn so the fold is at the top and draw a large heart in the center with a pencil, so the curves at the top overlap the fold. Cut around the top curves with scissors through the folded piece of paper. Have your child decorate the card with dots or finger paints.

24. Fabric Card:

Fabric scraps from old sewing projects can be a great way to personalize your mother’s day card! Simply glue it on a folded piece of cardstock with clear Elmer’s glue for a sweet background or cut it into pieces and create your own design!


25. Purr-fect Mother:

This is perfect for a crochet expert! Craft a mamma cat and her kitten using yarn in mom’s favorite color. Then, hot glue them to the center of your card. Next, crochet small flowers in the same color palette for the border.

26. Button Flowers:

This card is super simple to make plus kid-friendly! Simply, hot glue small buttons on a piece of construction paper and have your child create flowers, using the buttons as the center. Mom will love the thoughtfulness!

27. I Cannot Contain My Love For You:

Draw or trace a Mason jar on a folded piece of construction paper. Then, glue heart confetti coming out of the jar. Finally, complete the card with a sweet saying underneath.

28. Flip Flower Card:

Write cute messages to mom with this cute flower card idea. Simply, write words to describe mom on a piece of paper. Then, cut out petal pieces from colorful construction paper. Glue the petals only at the base of the petal so Mom can flip over the petal to read her sweet message!

29. Mom, You’re TEA-rrific!

Draw, color, and cut out a teacup shape and glue it to a piece of folded construction paper. Make steam from bits of cotton balls.

30. Home is Where Mom Is:

Take a couple of popsicle sticks and glue them into a shape of a house. Then, glue it to a piece of folded construction paper.

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