How to Develop the Habit of Reading Books?

Reading Books

Reading books can be a hobby for someone, a habit for someone, or an addiction for someone. But you can never force the habit of reading books. Even if you finish reading a few books by force, you won’t be able to go far. No habit can be forced too far.

Suppose you have an interest in reading books, but for some reason, it is not becoming a habit; Or did not have the practice of reading books but now want to make a habit, what to do in this situation?

Today in this post I will discuss how to make a habit of reading books.

1. Find Favorite Genres:

First, find out which genre you like to read. The books are of different genres. For example: historical, self-development, scientific, novel, short story, poetry, etc. Pick up the genre book you like to read and start reading. Imagine what you are reading while reading a book. Once you learn to enjoy reading and imagining, reading will automatically become a habit. Personally, if I speak for myself, my head feels empty if I don’t read a book for a few days. My mind becomes restless. Books give me a different kind of mental strength and peace that I never got from any human. Books are my best friend in my life.

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2. Read Newspapers Regularly:

Newspapers contain various types of news. And the size of the news is also small. No one has many difficulties reading them and does not get bored. You can start with newspapers. After reading the newspaper regularly for a few days, you can pick up books of your choice.

3. Choose bookish and like-minded friends:

Give priority to like-minded and bookish friends in choosing friends. When you discuss a book with someone, you must have knowledge about it. And, to gain knowledge about a subject, one must study that subject. Books are discussed more with book readers. Having friends who read books will develop the habit and interest in reading books.

4. Stay away from the internet:

When you sit with a book in hand, turn off the mobile internet. Because the sound of messenger or WhatsApp can disturb your attention. When you sit down with a book, spend the entire time with the book. Immerse yourself in what you are reading. Say goodbye to social media for a while.

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5. Fix a target:

Fix a daily target for reading books. For example, think that every day, no matter how busy you are, read a minimum of 10-15 pages of books. Fix a target as per your convenience and try your best to maintain it.

Mohammad Zafar Iqbal has a saying about reading books. He said that when we read a book, our brain imagines and tries to analyze the events of the book. This system developed our brains a lot.

The benefits of reading books are endless. So, develop the habit of reading books as much as possible.

Good luck to you.

The article is written by Farjana Akter.

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