How to Improve Communication Skills?


Improve Communication Skills are essential. You can’t get a job or business without communication skills. Communication skills – both oral and written – are very important. Those who have good communication skills find it easier to face any kind of challenge. Good communication skills can easily influence others. In this case, not only career, you will benefit in all areas of your life.

Now, it’s time to know how to improve communication skills:


1. Practice listening:

You have to listen before you speak. So first listen carefully to what the other party is saying. If you don’t understand something, ask questions. The speaker will also be happy to see your interest. He will have positive thoughts about you. There is no alternative to being a good listener to improve communication skills.

2. Maintain body language:

Eye contact is one of the most important things while speaking. When you speak in front of someone, keep in mind the way you stand, the way you move your hands, and the way you speak. Psychology says that within 30 seconds of talking to a stranger, they form an impression about you. What you talk about with someone is as important as how you say it. Be polite when talking to anyone.



3. Understand the psychology of the person you are talking to:

We don’t share everything with everyone. I don’t even discuss. Try to understand the psychology of the person you are talking to first. Move on or stop talking based on how much he can understand or receive. Learn to accept others’ opinions even if they differ.

4. Be brief and clear:

Keep the topic brief and clear. While summarizing, be careful not to leave out the main discussion. Avoiding irrelevant talk is good for both the listener and the speaker.

5. Try to be positive:

Try to take disagreement positively in any discussion. Keep a sincere smile on your face. Laugh where you need to. Everyone present will feel comfortable.

6. Regional and cultural knowledge:

Regional and cultural knowledge is very important in communication skills. A good communicator must have these two skills. If you go to the village and speak in standard language or English, no one will understand anything. Again, the culture of our country will not match the foreign country’s culture. You need to understand regionalism and culture to communicate with others.



7. Don’t speak in half:

When you speak about something, speak completely. Don’t be silenced by half-talk. This will make others confused or embarrassed. Work will not proceed properly. There will be more chances of getting wrong messages.

8. Confidence:

Without confidence, and increasing communication skills; It is not possible to go far in any work. It is desirable to have confidence in any work. Be aware that you are listening and understanding others to exude confidence. Because once others realize that you are not listening to them, they will not listen to you and will not value you in the same way. Confidence will put you well ahead of others.

Move towards your dreams by inproving your communication skills.

Good luck to you.

The article was written by Farjana Akter.

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