Fiction: The story is mine, or Kishor’s!


“Do you need any help?” Hearing the question, I turned my head and looked back. Today is the first day of my intern life. Joined an IT firm as an intern. I did not recognize the person who asked the question. It must be someone from this office. I haven’t met everyone in this office yet.

i am Avanti Karim Neela. We 4 friends joined this office simultaneously as interns. This is my friend Sabbir’s uncle’s office. It is proved once again that uncles are needed for various tasks from time to time. We four friends decided to do an internship at the same office. But we four did not get any chance at the same office. Then we got with the help of this uncle.

The person who asked the question is Kishor. He is our supervisor. He is not the person who was assigned first we were introduced the first day we met. Later we came to know that the one who was given the responsibility was ill. Had to be admitted to hospital. So, the responsibility now falls on Kishor. We called him by name. He forbade to be called Sir.

Along with me, my friends also turned to look at him. He smiled sweetly at the four people’s surprised looks. Then he introduced himself and asked our names. The PC I was sitting on had a problem with the mouse. Wasn’t working properly. I was fiddling with it. He entered the room and stood back watching us. He asked the question after seeing me just moving the mouse.

The distance from my office to my home was the least. The Rickshaw fare is 10 taka and walking takes 30-35 minutes. Boys take less time. I still walk a bit slowly. So it takes me more time.

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One day after leaving the house, it rained heavily. Luckily, my mother always gives me an umbrella and a water bottle in the bag. I was standing for the rickshaw with my umbrella out. There are people in all the rickshaws that are coming. I did not find any empty rickshaws for me.

Suddenly a rickshaw stopped in front of me. Someone called my name from inside the rickshaw and asked me to get in the rickshaw. I looked at Kishor. I felt a little hesitant to get into the rickshaw with him. But there is no way. This rain doesn’t seem to stop soon and it’s hard to get an empty rickshaw right now. I removed all doubts and got into the rickshaw with him.

These days rickshaws are made smaller, and the rickshaw size becomes smaller if the hood of the rickshaw is raised. When the rickshaw was moving, We were bumping into each other. I could clearly understand that the gentleman himself was embarrassed.

Everyone takes it for granted when they get on a bus or bump into a person in a crowd, unless someone is intentionally making it dirty. But right now neither of us has bad intentions. And that slight bump is normal. However, I don’t know why we both two were very embarrassed.

I don’t know why I couldn’t look at him in the office that day. I don’t know why I felt very shy. He also didn’t talk to me much that day. To be honest, he didn’t say anything. Other times he asks all of us individually by name do we understand and if there are any questions about the task. Then he sits on everyone’s PC to check the work.

He didn’t come to our room much that day. Came at the beginning of the day and left with some work instructions. He didn’t come all day. He came in the afternoon and said that he will see our work the next day. We can leave that day if we want. Everyone thought he was very busy today. And, my mind was telling me something else.

About 7 days after that incident, when he was looking at our work, he said that something was wrong with my work. He will show the mistakes later. First, he will see the work of others. He saw the work of others and said he had to send some urgent mail. If I’m not in too much of a hurry, I should wait. The rest can leave if they want. He will come by sending mail and tell me my mistakes and get the work done.

No one will doubt him even if his behavior and speech are so normal. Friends said that they will leave as their house is some distance away. I also agreed with that. Till then I had no doubts about him. He came to my room after my friends left. He came and said he wanted to take me to a coffee shop. Shall I go?

I was surprised to hear his offer. I managed somehow and said, “And my work?”

He apologized and said there was nothing wrong with the work. He then lied to get this time. He is sorry for this. He had no other option. I can take appropriate action for this if desired.

He said everything one after the other. I laughed at the way he spoke. Ignoring anger, I don’t know why it felt so good. It seemed that my subconscious mind wanted something like that. It was nice to think that someone had created the situation to spend time with me. I felt like the heroine of a romantic movie or novel.

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I smiled and said, “I’ll take action later. Now we go to the coffee shop.”

It was not closing office time yet. But the rules are quite relaxed for interns. I went down first. He came later. A little further from the front of the office we boarded a rickshaw.

I don’t feel embarrassed today. Rather feelings were good. I can feel the cold wind blowing in my mind. Loved the feelings of love. A very excellent feeling. I don’t know when and how I developed such feelings for Kishor. If I didn’t get into the rickshaw with him that day in the rain, I might not have understood. That moment that day messed everything up.

I can feel Kishor’s condition seems to be the same as mine. We are sitting side by side in the rickshaw. No one is talking. Even if we don’t say anything, our feelings are speaking. Feelings are mutual. A strangely beautiful moment. Those who have had such a moment in their life will be able to feel it correctly.

“What do you think?” He spoke first.





“What are you thinking?”

“A lot.”

“May I know?”

“Maybe, or not!”

“What is it?”

“Don’t know.”

I was enjoying his way of speaking. His style of speaking in the office and now is completely different. Two different people. I like this.

The rickshaw came and we got down at the coffee shop. We entered and sat at a table. It’s pretty much empty. I prefer a quieter, less noisy place.

He sat down and looked directly at me. Right in the eye. I looked down a bit shyly. Then he called my name and said, “Do you know I belong to another religion?”


Hearing his question felt like someone shot a hot arrow in my ear. There is a lot of pain. I can’t stand it. I feel like I’m going to die right now.

I look at him in sad surprise. But I don’t really see him. I see two newly wounded lovers stuck on the borderline of religion.

My eyes filled with water. It will collapse at any moment. In the beginning, Kishor asked, “Do you know that I belong to another religion?” After that all our feelings and discussions are futile. We did not move forward. All our words and feelings got stuck in that one question.

This article is written by Farjana Akter.

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