What do Communication Skills mean?

Communication Skills

Communication Skills are a skill that is useful for all of us at all stages of life. Communication skills are extremely important whether you are doing a job or in business.

Now your question may come what are Communication Skills?

Communication Skills are the ability to understand the information given by others and understand what you want to say. If you can understand Communication Skills by reading this article, then it can be said that my Communication Skills are good. Because I have been able to understand your Communication Skills through writing.

There are several means of communication and it mainly depends on the time – opportunity and situation. The mediums are face-to-face, letter, written, report, fax, group meeting, mobile phone, e-mail, notice board, visual etc. Trying to tell a little more about Communication Skills through an example.


Imagine, you are a businessman. The buyers of your product are the so-called lower middle-class people of society. You are quite educated. Speaks beautifully, with a clear and distinct accent. Your command of English is also quite good. Now if you talk to your customers in English and the standard language; They will not understand that.

In this case, no matter how well you speak; It cannot be said that your communication skills are good. When you communicate with someone, you need to communicate with them in a language that they can understand.

In English with one who can understand English, in regional language with one who understands the regional language, and in standard language with one who understands the standard language. There is a saying in English, “Communication skill is being able to connect with the person you are trying to communicate”.

Hopefully, you can understand a little bit about Communication Skills.

Good luck to you.

This article is written by Farjana Akter.

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