What does conflict mean in a relationship? How to handle it?


In any relationship, there will be quarrels, insults, arguments, and disagreements. Having all these things does not mean that you or your partner are unhappy. Rather it is normal to have all these things about. If two people are together day after day, there will be disputes between them about various issues.

Problems arise when someone in a relationship mishandles sensitive issues. For example, suppose two people are arguing about something. It can be a very small issue or a big issue. During an argument, one blames the other non-stop. Then the situation will be favorable?

When people are in a bad mood, they deal with everything wrongly. And that’s when the big problems start. If you can handle times of disagreement properly, your relationship will become stronger and more beautiful day by day.

How you handle the situation during disagreements will tell whether your relationship is strong or shaky. Today we will discuss how to handle conflict. You can use it in your next disagreement.


Have a healthy discussion:

No matter how complicated things are in the relationship, have a healthy discussion. Keep a discussion space for any event that may arise, be it big or small. The two sit face to face not only with problems but with solutions; Even talk about both the good and the bad aspects of what happened. If you can’t have an open discussion with your partner, and can’t open up about anything, then you’re in the wrong relationship, Or maybe your partner is in the wrong relationship. The two need not agree on everything, But there must be a mindset to respect different opinions.

Stay calm in critical situations and respect your partner:

Sometimes the situation gets very complicated. Both started shouting and blaming each other. Cursing ensued and sometimes things escalated into foul language and fights. No matter the circumstances we should not cross any line. Later he/she will repent again. First relationship problems, then self-repentance; Is it possible to take so much stress? So try to keep yourself as calm as possible in the first complication. Be respectful of your partner while speaking. If you stay calm and don’t spend italicized sentences and keep quiet; your partner can’t scream alone for long. After a while, he/she too will be silent.

Try to understand the problem:

At times it may seem that your partner is unduly resentful or angry. You didn’t do anything to be angry or proud of. What really, then? Have you ever wondered why your partner suddenly became angry or insulted you?

It may also be that he/she wants more attention from you or wants to go out or expects a little more time from you. Sometimes people want their partner to understand what they want without saying anything. Now you might say you are not a mind reader; How do you understand if someone does not say anything? Your reasoning is right, but once you stand in his/her place and think about yourself! Sometimes you also want to! That you don’t say anything in your mouth. You want your partner to understand that he/she needs you.

Don’t always stand in your place and think. Sometimes you have to put your feet in other people’s shoes and understand the matter of shoe and foot size.

Couple Conflit

Try to understand whether your partner is controlling or caring:

Many people want to control their partner in the name of love and care. For example, many decide which friend their partner will meet, how long he/she will talk to, and whether he/she will have a girlfriend or a boyfriend on social media, or not. Even from who will wear what clothes, when to eat what food, all the decisions of the partner’s life are taken by him/her. It has been renamed CARE.

If you see any such trait in your partner; be careful now. Discuss the issues with him/her. Do couples counseling. Controlling is a threat to any relationship. Although it is good in the beginning, after a few days, the breath will be choked. The beauty of the relationship will be lost.

Strike a balance in some respects:

Imagine you and your partner are arguing about something where both of you are right. You are not willing to give up your place, nor is your partner willing to give up his/her. What to do in that case?

Think about whether you two want to live together in peace! If your answer is that you want to have a peaceful family together or want to advance a beautiful relationship, then adjust a little in that case. Just one side won’t adjust. Both will do. For example, suppose you want to spend some time with friends on your way home from work. But your partner wants to come straight home from work and give him/her time because he/she spends the whole day waiting for you. In this case, you will create a weekly routine. Spend two or three days with friends. Give the rest of the time to your partner. Again, give your partner the same opportunity if he/she wants it. By doing this, the family will never feel burdened. Distance will not be created.


Avoid occasional disagreements:

There is no obligation to always argue with your partner. Sometimes skip. In this case, you need to show some intelligence in knowing when to argue and when to avoid. If you get into an argument with your partner after seeing your disliked recipe on the dinner table; Realize you are not in a healthy relationship. You need help.

Solve serious issues and move forward:

Many times when a big issue comes up, we say let it go for now. See you later. But what happens next? Mostly breakdowns or disturbances. For example, at the beginning of a relationship or before marriage, even if two people have different philosophies, they accept each other. No one sees a problem even if the city is different or the job requires them to be away. But later one may have to give or give a little more concession to the other; But still where the rhythm falls.

Issues that may cause major problems later in the relationship should be resolved as early as possible. None of us know the future. But there are some basic things. Which can be a big problem anytime today or tomorrow. Everyone should be aware of that.

May everyone have a good relationship. May everyone be happy. Blessings and love to all.

This article is written by Farjana Akter.


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