What does depression mean and why does this happen? Some effective ways to overcome depression.


Depression is a mental disorder. Our body suffers from diseases like cold, cough, fever, and jaundice; Similarly, there are various diseases of the mind. Depression is such a disease of the mind. If we don’t get what we want, we get upset. Then the desire to reach the goal disappears and the desire to give up arises. This change of mind is called depression. Depression is a human emotion and when it becomes overwhelming, it can lead to serious mental breakdowns.

What exactly causes depression?

– Because of loneliness.

– If you don’t get something after asking for it.

– Failing in doing any task of choice.

– Overthinking trivial events.

– Due to negative thoughts.

– If you don’t have the courage to face any problem.

– When feelings become empty and for various other reasons.


How to understand a person suffering from depression?


– If one reacts to all good and bad words.

– Lack of attention to any work or speech.

– A depressed person does not like anything. Does not find interest in any work.

– Don’t have interest in the hangout and less speak.

– Always walks around with a sad mind.

– Everything seems random to him. Can’t be satisfied with anything.

– Can’t concentrate on the body, mind, or work. Became rude.

– Loss of appetite occurs and one is unnecessarily frightened.

– Does not sleep properly and feels tired all the time.

– Can’t talk properly. Messed up all the words when talking.

How to overcome depression, a person will return to normal life?


1. Finding the reason:

First, you need to find out the reason for your depression. If you don’t know the reason, how to find a solution? You have to find the reason for depression with patience and a cool head. Then you have to take some steps to stay away from the reason and get rid of depression. If you want to get out of depression, first of all, you have to find the reason for depression.



2. Speak up:

A big problem with people who are depressed is that they don’t want to speak up. If you don’t tell anyone about your problem, how will he/she know? Telepathy does not work for everyone. Even if telepathy works, it is impossible to know exactly what is on someone’s mind? Talk to someone you trust about your problems. Tell them without hiding anything. If you talk openly, depression often goes away or decreases. Give it a try.

3. Keep yourself busy:

One of the best ways to overcome depression is to keep yourself busy. When people spend their free time, various random thoughts fill their minds. He sinks into depression due to random thoughts. Always try to keep yourself busy. Keep yourself busy with activities that you enjoy doing. Brush up on new skills as needed. Improve your skills.

4. Spend time with friends and family :

Spend time with your trusted friends and family members. Discuss happy stories. Watch a funny movie together. Visit from somewhere nearby. You can go out for dinner or have a picnic by making delicious items at home.

5. Get enough sleep:

Try to go to bed early at night. Keep your cell phone away. By spending time on social media, we miss out on proper sleep time. Then there is not enough sleep. Many times people suffer from depression due to lack of sleep. Try to get enough sleep.



6. Laugh your heart out:

Along with talking your heart out, laugh your heart out. Laughter reduces anger and anxiety in people. Laughter is also a very powerful exercise. The more you smile, the healthier you will be.

7. Think realistically:

Think realistically about any event. Realistic thinking will keep you away from depression. Don’t listen to what anyone thinks or says, keep reality in mind and move forward.

8. Read Books:

Books will improve your thinking and taste. Books are our best friends. Books will teach you many things, but never leave you. Make friends with books. Read books and say goodbye to depression.

10. Meditate:

There is no substitute for meditation to reduce stress. If you can meditate regularly, depression will be far away from you. Make yoga and meditation a part of your daily life. Say goodbye to depression and stay physically and mentally healthy.

Hope this article will be useful for you. Many prayers and best wishes to you.

The article was written by Farjana Akter.


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