What is the Difference Between Paralysis and Coma?


Many people confuse the difference between coma and paralysis. I will try to remove the confusion of those who are confused about these two issues through this post.

Coma is a deep state of unconsciousness in which the person cannot be awakened. A person in a coma cannot express feelings. He cannot react to any light or sound. And cannot express any opinion or act according to his own wish.

Paralysis is the temporary or complete shutdown of some or all of the body’s organs. It is mainly caused for the communication problem between the brain and the body’s muscles. A person with paralysis can respond to everything except the paralyzed limb.

If I say a little more clearly,

1. In coma, the whole body is unconscious. There is no feeling or stimulation of any kind. On the other hand, in paralysis, a specific part of the body remains unconscious.

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2. Coma does not involve falling asleep or waking up. But, paralysis has these issues.

3. A person in a coma cannot react to his/her wish. But, in paralysis, you can see the reaction of the rest of the organs except the unconscious ones.

However, if the whole body including the brain is affected by the paralysis of a patient then the whole body becomes unconscious. In that state, there is no difference between coma and paralysis.

Hope everyone now understands the difference between coma and paralysis.

I am wishing everyone good health. Thanks, everyone.

This article is written by Farjana Akter.

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