What is the Difference Between Pitch and Speech?


There is a fine distinction between pitch and speech. However, we often confuse this difference. Speech means we all know. Giving a speech means speaking wisdom to people. Pitch means saying something good about yourself that others will like as needed. To say it simply, pitch means to sell yourself. To say it more clearly you can call it a sales strategy.

For example, you need a job. Now in the interview board, you are asked why they will select you! If you can satisfy them by answering these questions, your job is confirmed. Now how do you present yourself in front of them? Do you say you are tall, wide, beautiful, caring, and loving?

You need to understand the responsibilities of the organization and talk about them. Tell them how and how much their organization will benefit from hiring you.


Again, you should not tell how many kinds of work you have handled single-handedly in the office in front of your lover. You have to say how much loyal, caring, loving, and responsible you are in front of your lover. You are selling yourself sometimes in front of the boss, sometimes in front of the lover. And when you are selling yourself to whom you are selling, you are selling according to his/her needs. Some caution is required while pitching. Many people do not like to talk in advance.

As many people say that I will change the look of the office within a month, I will bring you the moon in the sky within a month; Overselling is very bad. Care should be taken in these matters. Most people confuse pitch and speech. They think everything is speech.

Cleared today? Hope it won’t be wrong from now on.

Everyone will be fine. thank you

This article was written by Farjana Akter.

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