What’s mood swings? What causes mood swings? How to overcome it?

mood swings

Many people do not have a proper understanding of mood swings. It is inextricably linked with each and every one of our lives. Both men and women can experience mood swings. In this case, women have more mood swings than men. Mood swings are not a physical or mental illness; It is only a special psychological stage of man.

Multiple studies have shown that people who have frequent mood swings have a faster brain to make decisions. Can solve any problem faster than others. But unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. In most cases frequent mood swings become dangerous.

Today in this article we will discuss:

– What is mood swing?
– Causes of mood swings.
– Symptoms of mood swings and
– Ways to control mood swings.

What is mood swing?

You will see some people who are laughing and talking and within a few minutes will suddenly get angry for no reason; shout, get upset, cry, or sit quietly in despair; You never know what will happen in the blink of an eye. This change in emotions in the blink of an eye is called a mood swing. Due to lack of knowledge, most people dismiss the mood swings of others and imagine this as fake. Most people overreact to everything for no reason during mood swings. They don’t even know why they overreact. can’t understand Their sense does not work at that time.


One who was happy about something a while ago, after some time, becomes upset or moody about the same thing. Simply put, this is mood swings.

Causes of mood swings include:

It is difficult to pinpoint a specific cause of mood swings. Mood swings are caused by various complications. Mentioning some such reasons. For example:


Hormones can cause mood swings in both men and women. Hormones regulate human biological and behavioral activities. Mood swings can occur when hormones fluctuate. Hormonal fluctuations are more common especially during puberty, during girls’ periods, and during pregnancy. During this time, girls often have mood swings. The premenstrual syndrome occurs due to the influence of important sex hormones in girls before the period starts. This is when an emotional breakdown occurs. Then the mood is less good and worse.

This is a tough time for girls. Because during this time girls suffer from intense mood swings. Both boys and girls go through massive physical and mental changes during puberty. Then they are happy for a little, and sad again for a little. Little dreams come and little dreams are broken. This also includes mood swings. Childhood emotions cannot be dismissed.


The idea that nutrition only keeps the body healthy is wrong; Nutrition is beneficial for both body and mind. When there is a lack of nutrients in the body, its effects are felt. Mood swings still occur frequently. A lack of vitamins, iron, and minerals can cause mood swings. Iron deficiency occurs due to a lack of bleeding when girls have periods. Iron deficiency causes mood swings. Nutrition should also be looked at to avoid mood swings.

If affected by other diseases:

If your body is not healthy, your mind will not be healthy. When a person suffers from a disease, the normal chemical activity of his body is disturbed. During this time, his body’s hormones also change. Hormonal changes cause mood swings. Moreover, when people are sick, they take different types of medicine or antibiotics. Its side effects can also cause mood swings.



If you are under stress for any reason then that stress affects your mind and brain in different ways. It is very normal to face depression at that time. One of the causes and symptoms of mood swings is depression.

Irregular sleeping habits:

Many have sleep problems and many do not get enough sleep due to being busy on their phones all night. Or sleeps during the day. Mood swings are caused by a lack of sleep or irregular sleep. Everyone, young and old, should sleep at a certain time. Lack of sleep makes the body tired and depressed. Severe depression and depression are among the causes of mood swings.

Drug Addiction:

Drug use is very harmful to the body and mind. Drugs interfere with normal physical, mental, and internal functions of the body. This is also one of the causes of mood swings. A drug addict has severe mood swings. Both drug use and alcoholism are causes of mood swings.

mood swings

Excessive workload:

Excessive work pressure is also one of the causes of mood swings. People who work continuously are also prone to mood swings. Continuous work without breaks reduces the efficiency of the brain. Depression sets in when brain function declines. That’s when the mood swings hit.

Random living:

Random lifestyle is another reason for mood swings. You don’t eat, sleep, or shower regularly; But know that you will soon meet with mood swings.


Symptoms of Mood Swings:

In both men and women, symptoms such as sudden anger, crying, sadness, depression or lethargy, depression, anxiety, or anxiety can be observed during mood swings. Mood swings mean these sudden dramatic changes in emotions.

Getting angry for no reason:

When a person gets angry for no reason or for a very minor reason, you will know that he has mood swings. During mood swings, people tend to overreact to even the smallest things.

Crying for no reason:

Especially girls during periods or pregnancy react to little things and cry profusely. They cry even when there is nothing to cry about. If you see these signs, you will understand that they are in mood swings. Instead of getting angry, be empathetic this time.


When you or someone around you is upset about something unreasonable; Understand that you or that person is suffering from mood swings. During this time depression can be more or less depending on the individual and his environment. It is more common in women due to hormonal fluctuations during pre-menstrual syndrome.


You are worrying excessively for some reason, can’t concentrate on anything, and are strange. Feelings are overwhelming you without wanting them; Then you are suffering from depression. One of the symptoms of mood swings is depression. Living with mood swings means you suffer from depression.


There are times in life when people give up; He assumes that there will be no further work with him. Loses confidence. People who lose confidence are prone to mood swings.

Ways to control mood swings include:

Mood swings are only temporary mental states of people. It is not a disease. So there is no treatment for it. But if you follow some things, you can keep yourself away from mood swings.


Practice exercise:

Regular walks, exercise, physical movement etc. play an important role in controlling mood swings. During exercise, a chemical substance called endorphin is released from the human brain, which calms the human mind and inhibits the release of harmful hormones responsible for mood swings. If you want to control mood swings, practice regular exercise as well as a short walk in the morning and afternoon. Regular walking is very beneficial for the health of the body and mind.

Balanced diet:

If you want to stay physically and mentally healthy, there is no alternative to a balanced diet. Since physical and mental illness is responsible for mood swings, it is important to stay physically and mentally healthy if you want to keep mood swings at bay. It is necessary to make a habit of taking regular and balanced food rich in appropriate nutrients, vitamins, and mineral salts. Foods containing vitamin D and D should be taken. One study found that people with depression are deficient in vitamin D.

Iron levels decrease during periods in girls. That’s why iron-rich foods like Chinese almonds, sesame etc. should be kept on the food list. Moreover, carotene-rich foods such as tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. should be regularly eaten. A regular balanced diet can be the best tool to control mood swings.

Regular and adequate sleep:

There is no substitute for adequate sleep when it comes to staying mentally and physically healthy. Sufficient sleep reduces the possibility of depression, various mental diseases, and mood swings. If you want to stay away from mood swings, mental fatigue, and depression, then practice getting enough regular sleep.

Say no to any addiction:

Stay away from smoking, drinking, and taking drugs and all other negative addictions. Any type of negative addiction has a severe impact on our body and mind. Say no to negative addictions if you want to control mood swings.


Being happy:

When people are happy, a hormone called oxytocin is released. This hormone gives peace of mind. As a result, the possibility of mood swings is reduced. Try to do more of the things that you want to do.

Keeping yourself calm in any situation, accepting whatever happens, good or bad, and keeping yourself away from stress as much as possible will keep you away from mood swings.

Stay well everyone, and stay healthy.

This article is written by Farjana Akter.

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