Why Are People Cheating On Us?


Why are people cheating on us is a difficult question. It’s tough to find an appropriate answer to this question. People cheat for a variety of reasons. If you ask the cheater, why he/she choose to cheat with you, maybe he/she can’t give the actual answer. Rather they will accuse you.

It’s difficult to understand why someone chooses to cheat on his/her loved one. There are common reasons why are people cheating on us is their dissatisfaction with their current relationship. Their expectation of the current relationship is unfulfilled.

Then they try to fulfill their expectation and satisfaction to engage with someone new. They are looking for physical and emotional intimacy with others which they don’t get from their current partner. Being neglected or unappreciated by their partner, and experiencing huge relationship issues are other causes of cheating.



A cheater is always a cheater. There may be some problems in any relationship. When there is a problem, there is also a solution. But, a cheater never goes for the solution, there are looking for a new partner. Though there is no specific reason why are people cheating on us, an analysis said there are 8 reasons why people do cheat. The reasons are :

    • – excess anger,
    • – self-centeredness,
    • – lack of love and trust,
    • – fake commitment,
    • – an expectation of variety,
    • – negligence,
    • – sexual expectations,
  • – and random situation.

Most of the cases people do cheating for sex. Rarely not only for sex, but some also have an emotional attachment to their new partner. Some experiments result that people cheat in, the cheater said that they were neglected in their primary relationship and there they don’t get the proper love that they think they deserve. Then they move to a new partner for love and proper satisfaction.

Being cheated is never a good experience for anybody. It can make serious consequences for everybody. If you are ever being cheated then talk to your family, trusted friend, or therapist. This will help you to move forward.

Best wishes.

This article is written by Farjana Akter

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