Why is Saying Sorry Important in a Relationship?


You don’t need to say sorry to someone who loves you; Those who say this do not really understand the meaning of love. Even if we bump into a stranger on the way, we say sorry several times in a row. Whom we love and never want to hurt; If something like this happens by mistake; So why we don’t say sorry to him/her? Why not correct our mistakes?

Whether in the office or outside we are always aware that no mistake is made by us. Let no one suffer because of us. Or if we may have done something without realizing it that has caused embarrassment to others; Then apologize to them again and again. Let us assure them that nothing like this will happen again. And we promise to do our best for them if we will get any chance further.

So why are you so negligent in your relationship? Where does the ego come from?

There are so many relationships that have ended up on the path of separation based on a specific incident only because of not apologizing. But this is never desirable. We all want a beautiful relationship. Everyone will be good with each other, they will be happy.


There is a term in golf. The term is “do-over”. This means you think you somehow missed the first shot. You will now have another chance. But you have no penalty for this. This rule is so that what you did not do correctly the first time, you can do it correctly the second time.

Relationship experts advise properly practicing this “do-over” term in relationships. Think you’ve made a mistake for some reason. What to do now? If you do something wrong, do it again correctly. Now you can say; either I did it correctly again, but will it be accepted?

It should be accepted. Today you are wrong, tomorrow he/she may be wrong. If he/she doesn’t accept your apology today, you won’t accept his/her apology tomorrow either. Will this ever form a healthy relationship?

Practice saying and accepting sorry: Saying and accepting sorry about anything is excellent art. This is often the case; The subject being argued about; That’s not something to argue about.

But suddenly, for unknown reasons, stubbornness is suppressed in us, ego wakes up. Then maybe you talk too much for no reason. What is not necessary to be said, you said. Later you realize that the mistake was actually yours. Your partner is truly hurt by what you say.

If this is the case then how to say sorry?

Let him/her know that you are truly sorry and ashamed. Now people’s love language is different. What things does your partner like, how expressing grief will melt his/her heart; You know these things well. Treat him/her like that.

Also, tell him/her this later you will increase your control power. Will speak politely while speaking. And will not say these words just for the sake of saying them. Tell him/her to observe you.

Look, you want a healthy relationship too, don’t you? Then there should be an effort from your side as well. A healthy relationship is never one-sided.


Now think that you did not make the mistake. Your partner did. And you really suffered a lot in him/her behavior. After some time your partner realizes his/her mistake and comes to you to apologize. What to do then? Will you return him/her?

Tell him/her you understand he/she was not in his/her senses. Sometimes people lose their senses due to excessive anger. You know and understand this. Still, you got hurt, and don’t let him/her do this again. You are ready to give him/her as much support as he/she needs to correct his/her mistake.

This will create a healthy and successful relationship.

Many blessings and best wishes to all.

This article is written by Farjana Akter.

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