Why do Girls Have Mood Swings During Periods?


Most girls experience mood swings during periods. During this time, hormonal changes begin in the body of girls. Hormonal changes can cause various problems.

Periods are a normal part of a girl’s life. However, the kinds of problems that arise around it are not normal at all. Only girls know the physical and emotional problems face during periods. During this time other members of the family, especially male members need to be more caring.

During periods, girls are under a lot of stress for two reasons. The first reason is the period and the painful and uncomfortable things that happen around it, the other is PMS i.e. premenstrual syndrome.

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Premenstrual syndrome is also called PMT. Its symptoms usually occur during periods. This time the girls
– Breast swelling
– Headache
– Back pain
– In addition to flatulence and loss of appetite, various other physical and mental changes occur.


Apart from this, symptoms like skin acne, mild tension, fatigue, insomnia, weakness, depression, and mood swings can also appear. Many girls scream and cry because of period pain.

Why does this happen?

Menstrual stress disrupts the connection between the pituitary and the ovaries. During this time, many types of neurochemical changes occur in the body due to stress. During these times one should not do anything disturbing and other members of the family should not disturb the woman. You can take a walk in the fresh air in the morning or in the afternoon or hang out with your friends at a favorite place. Since the mood is sometimes good and sometimes bad during this time, there should be more focus on the activities of choice.

What happens to the body during periods?

There is a hormone called serotonin that regulates our mood. When the level of this hormone increases in your body, your mood is out of control. The level of this hormone increases during periods. So women become sensitive about every little thing.

Periods are already very uncomfortable, coupled with hormonal fluctuations. While emotions control women, women cannot control emotions. Many people cry a lot for no reason because they cannot control their emotions. They became very angry. Male members of the house should be patient and caring during this time.

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What is the solution?

Generally, when endorphin levels in the body decrease and serotonin levels increase, people become depressed. At this time you can take a light walk by understanding the condition of the body. Do yoga, meditation, and light exercise. This will reduce the period of pain and give you peace of mind.

Periods should be rested as much as possible. Lack of rest can make women irritable, angry, and over-emotional. Drink more water, and eat vegetables and fruits. Salt, rich food, and caffeine-like food should be avoided as much as possible. Try to get enough sleep.

Adequate sleep and healthy food will bring some relief during this time.

The article was written by Farjana Akter.

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